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Every year IWSC judge’s taste thousands of wines and spirits to give out their prestigious awards. Their impeccable standards have earned them a reputation for excellence. Nothing but the best will receive one of IWSC's medals or trophies, which producers round the world covert. 

After celebrating a record-breaking 50th year, IWSC wanted to start their 2020 competition off with a bang. A brand new website and competition entry process. One which makes entering the completion as enjoyable as winning it. A design that allows the winners to be shown-off and celebrated. 

Having enjoyed working with the IWSC team since 2016, I enjoyed managing this project from conception through development.

Award Winning

Wirehive 100

Consumer site of the year, shortlisted for the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)

W³ Awards

Food & beverage website, silver award for the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)

Celebrating every win

Every winner gets their moment in the spotlight. From their converted medal winners and trophies awards, to their industry insider and influencer top pics. Tens-of-thousands of winners from past decade, all available to search.

One search to rule them all

It is not just award winners that IWSC produce, their team produce dozens of pieces of content every month. From judges interviews to sponsorship deals, and wine pairing advice, they have it all. To make the complete archive all discoverable, I designed a global search system tailored to embrace the verity of each content type.