Si Keane - Designer and Front-end Developer | London and Kent

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Ensemble CM

An Instagram printing service with a twist. RetroLab prints your Instagram photos in the style of old 35mm contact sheets. A unique throwback to analogue photography.

Working with the team at RetroLab I created a new colourful logo, incorporating the 35mm negative which inspired the original product. I created wireframes and user flows to demo, via InVision, how the completed website would work. The front-end was built on-top of Ecce Ensemble ecommerce platform with interactive elements built using Vue.js.

Show don't tell

Not sure where to start, don’t worry we can show you. All first time visitors get given a virtual tour. This both helps with on-boarding and shows off all the cool features available. At any time you get stuck, just use the help button to view the tour again.

Ready for your close-up?

Edit (Zoom/Crop/Roate/B&W) each of your Instagram snaps to create the perfect print. Compliment your pictures with a number of classic film stock templates, custom mounts, and framing options. All previewed in real time, so you always know what your getting.

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